It’s Almost Over


2016 is almost over.

When you think about this in terms of your business, do you feel a sense of joy? Relief? Dread?

If you’re feeling excited and joyful about the end of the year, it’s likely because you’ve accomplished great things:

Maybe you’ve reached or exceeded your revenue goal for the year and turned a healthy profit!

Maybe you’ve hit your stride regarding prospecting clients and are working only with marvelous people who are aligned with your vision and purpose.

Maybe you’re now getting the media coverage and acclaim among your peers that you know you deserve.

If any or all of these (or other great things) are true for you, I encourage you to plan a big celebration to acknowledge yourself and to share your successes with family and friends. It will make your Christmas or Hanukkah festivities that much more fun!

On the other hand . . .

If you’re feeling relief or dread at the thought of the year coming to an end, things have likely not gone as well as you would have liked in 2016.

In that case, I encourage you to find an angel’s advocate to help you assess the year with an objective eye and identify the positive things you may be overlooking as you evaluate your business results.

Then, uplifted by the realization that you HAVE made progress this year, set one goal that you can expect to accomplish by December 31 and create a plan to achieve it. Set up accountability so you can have someone one to brainstorm with and celebrate with when you cross each milestone in your plan.

Whether you’re feeling joy, relief, or dread because the year’s almost over, share your story with me in the comments below. I want to hear from you!

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