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Interview with Pat Roque

Interview with Pat Roque

Pat Roque, also known as The Business Boomer, loves teaching (in person and online) to empower others in her role as their executive business coach, mentor, marketing consultant, corporate trainer or university instructor. Her award-winning (yet unorthodox) career reflects her passion for connecting like-minded people who enjoy good health and growing their business together.

Part 1 – From Midlife Madness to Midlife Rebirth

In the first segment of our interview, Pat shares her personal journey of midlife rebirth and reveals the story that inspired the title of her blog and e-book, 50 Rocks – Life Lessons for Success.

Part 2 – How I Became a Rock Star Multipreneur

In Part 2 of our interview, Pat tells how she became a multipreneur and talks about each of her business activities. She also shares about her philanthropic endeavors and sets the scene for Part 3 of our chat.

Part 3 – How Golf Can Rock Your World

In this final segment of our three-part interview, Pat talks about how golf transformed her professional and personal life and shares why she considers it to be the perfect tool for advancing your business.


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