Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

MPE  quote image for blog Chris GrosserThis week’s post is brief (which is perhaps good news for you!). It is inspired by an opportunity that was presented to one of my businesses – my husband’s and my travel planning service – last week.

This “big break” was a chance for an international radio station to interview us about one of the services that we offer.

On the surface, it sounds like a no-brainer, right? You might think that I’d do anything to make this work, especially since one of my prime competitors had already been interviewed for the show and we were being offered equal time.

My gut told me that this was a “bright shiny object” and from the beginning, I said “no.” The interviewer wanted to tag along on a private tour, which is against our company policy. I told her that this was not possible.

She wrote back, saying how much they were counting on having my participation for this episode of their show. She suggested that I ask one of my clients to accept having a journalist join their private group.

Again, I said “no.” I explained that I’m in the midst of co-curating an art exhibition that is opening in less than three months and that this is my Number 1 priority. I invited her to consider interviewing me about the exhibition once things become a little less hectic, if that would be of interest.

She responded by saying that this will not work for her current story, and asked if I would reconsider.

I responded by saying that while I understand her position, my business is unable to participate.

I felt no angst about this. But when the journalist responded (graciously) by sharing the demographic of her station’s audience, I felt triumphant! The audience is not remotely one that would support my business!

The moral of this story is: Keep your eye on the big picture. Avoid “bright shiny object” syndrome – chasing after the most recent and seemingly glamorous “opportunity” that presents itself – out of fear of your competition or just because you don’t feel comfortable saying “no”!

Do you have a “big picture” story – positive or negative – to share? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

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