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Doing What Matters™ Clarity Breakthrough
Laura Gabriele: SEO specialist


One of the biggest challenges facing people who wish to pursue business mentoring is clarity about what they want to achieve in their business. Many will seek guidance:

– never having had a clear idea about what they want to achieve
– having their idea disguised or buried under activities that have accumulated due to circumstance
– or worse of all, working with idea that was borrowed or adopted from someone else and is not truly in synchrony with their passion and deepest desires.

In such cases, taking a “time-out” and answering a few well-placed questions can provide brilliant clarity and show you the way forward.


Laura GabrieleLaura Gabriele

I met Laura Gabriele in the Facebook group for a mastermind membership program only a few hours after I joined the group for a one-week trial. Laura posted a request for feedback that went something like this:

Request For Feedback: Focus & Next Steps / Seeing the Big Picture

I am spinning my wheels…

Over the past few years I have helped my primary client turn his know-how into tons of e-books and two courses. The work that I do for him through my business, The Go Big Collective, generates a tidy sum of passive income for me each month. Additionally, I have built a healthy source of passive income from affiliate marketing connected with my personal blog. All this is in addition to my full time job.

My dilemma is that I see great potential with both of these projects and am having trouble thinking big / prioritizing / seeing the steps to getting to the NEXT LEVEL. I feel like I’m sitting on tremendous opportunity and I’m not taking action out of ignorance.

I’m Hubspot Inbound Marketing-certified and a Google Partner (ads). And I now have a few years of experience in hospitality digital marketing and am certified there too.

I want to be of highest service while having full control of my schedule, workload… I’m just not sure where to start or where to put my focus since I can’t feasibly stop anything.

I want to recover from info overload and go back to executing on a high level with defined goals.

If you were in my shoes… what would you do? Where would you focus? Can you recommend any next steps?


One of the moderators of the Facebook page called my attention to Laura’s request and asked me to comment:

Monique, you seem to hold down the fort on MULTIPLE things.

How do YOU do it? What would you suggest as a first step or two to Laura?

I then posted a series of questions for Laura (seven in all), which I told her would provide her with the clarity she needed to move forward. I encouraged her to write down her answers because writing with a pen or pencil will stimulate you to bring out the responses you need. I told her that when she could answer them honestly, she’d have the foundation she needed to move forward.

I also told her that priorities need to be grounded in your heart and gut and that this is often the “hard part” of achieving clarity. I assured her that the “rational part” of clarity would flow once she accomplished this.

Finally, I reminded her that she can only be of highest service to others when she is completely sure that she is at peace with herself.

Laura printed out the questions and completed the exercise over the weekend. She came back to the group the following Monday, posted an image of the pages with her handwritten responses,

Laura Gabriele-Enriquez_NLM_DWM Exercise in ClarityLaura’s written exercise

and announced:

The questions TOTALLY clarified what I’m afraid of and what I’m willing to let go of!

On top of that, by sharing this I learned that the spirit in which I discuss myself and my business doesn’t always paint an accurate picture. And that’s because for a long time I’ve been confused about what I want and what matters to me.

Now I have a clear goal: to cut out all non SEO/funnels work in all 3 businesses over the next few months. This may mean hiring help or phasing myself into a different role. Then I’ll probably create an umbrella business based on what works best or what I’ve enjoyed most. What works best and what is most enjoyable tend to be the same thing.

A couple of weeks later, Laura and I chatted on Skype to increase her focus and look at how we might continue to work together to plan how she’s going to let go of the things that are not serving her so she can quickly reach her goal…


Doing What Matters™ – Emerald Mentoring Program
Emmanuelle Champaud: President and CEO of TOTEM-Mobi


Emmanuelle Champaud entered the Doing What Matters™ – Emerald mentoring program at the helm of a start-up business for low-cost and environmentally-friendly electric car rental in the south of France.

EmmanuelleChampaud2Emmanuelle Champaud

Having worked in the corporate world for eight years, she was finally pursuing her passion and felt that she was on the verge of success, but at great cost. She had only one part-time assistant and was extremely fatigued due to working nights and weekends for months on end. Her two biggest desires were to raise the capital and recruit the personnel required to run the business so that she could enjoy more time for family, leisure and self-care.

My pledge to her was that by employing the system that I presented through Doing What Matters™ – Emerald, she would achieve her goal.

Emmanuelle was a bit dubious at first because

As a mother of four who used to work full time in the corporate world, I thought was pretty good at organizing things and getting them done.

She asked herself when she would be able to find the time to save time in her hectic schedule.

Based on the results of our Emerald VIP Intensive session, we decided that the work we would undertake in our follow-up sessions would focus on clarifying Emmanuelle’s priorities for the business, setting goals that supported those priorities, and identifying milestones that would allow her to recognize the progress she made along the way. This had the effect of helping her improve her planning and organization skills and make clearer, more compelling pitches and presentations to potential investors.

The ultimate result was a merger with a new partner that brought much needed capital and four employees into the business:

…after only two sessions with Monique and in using her system for reflecting on goals, milestones, and priorities, I was able to visualize and articulate my ultimate goal for my entrepreneur business more clearly than ever. I could then decide on the best strategy and actions to achieve it. This led me to the successful negotiation of a merger that will transform my business – and within the timeframe that I originally planned!

Emmanuelle continues to use Doing What Matters™ methods to hone her strategic planning. She has successfully solicited additional funding from Women Business Angels in France, attracted many sponsors, increased the number of docking stations for TOTEM-Mobi vehicles, and presented her business to France’s president, François Hollande and Albert II, Prince of Monaco – even though she feels that she has not yet utilized these methods to their greatest potential!

Emmanuelle_François Hollande_Prince Albert IIEmmanuelle Champaud, President François Hollande, Prince Albert II of Monaco
Image courtesy of TOTEM-Mobi


Doing What Matters™ – Jade Mentoring Program
Vada Kornegay: Founder and CEO at
JiL Architects and Technologists


Vada Kornegay is an architect with many passions. As founder and CEO of JiL Architects and Technologists, she elected to enroll in the Doing What Matters™ Jade Mentoring Program because she had several business projects and personal goals competing for her attention and found that her personal goals were suffering as a result. She felt that she needed to clearly define a strategic plan to move forward with her life.

Vada Korn_pro picVada Kornegay

CLARITY was the goal that we aimed to achieve with Vada’s Jade VIP Intensive Session. Coming out of the session, four follow-up sessions were to provide additional clarity and ACCOUNTABILITY for the plan that she created during the VIP Intensive.


In addition to JiL Architects and Technologists, Vada had four additional business projects in mind to pursue as we prepared for her VIP Intensive. With the help of the pre-session questionnaire, she was able to identify the business projects that were most and least important to her based on several criteria. She also took an unflinching look at her personal priorities regarding self care, time with family, time in service to her community, and spiritual life.

During the VIP Intensive, Vada identified ten (10) business goals that she wanted to pursue for her most important business project and ten (10) personal goals that she felt she could simultaneously pursue. We then identified which of these goals were SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) and narrowed down the list.

With this accomplished, we began the planning phase of the Intensive. We took a single SMART goal from Vada’s list for business, personal, and spiritual priorities (3 goals in all) and wrote out how they are SMART so that she would be comfortable repeating the exercise for other goals on her list. We had a mastermind session during which we talked about all of these goals, which stimulated additional ideas for resources and strategies and led Vada to solidify commitments and identify potential challenges. We ended the VIP Intensive with a list of six action items for which she would be accountable over the course of the following month.

At this point in the program, Vada reflected:

I’ve tried to sort through and organize things in my head but, as an extrovert, it’s good for me to get ideas out of my head and bounce them off of someone. Once I get off the phone after talking with Monique about things, I’m ready to go. I realize I don’t do very well “in my own head alone.”



Clarity_seeing with glasses_Jeroen van Oostrom_free digital photos_credit line

The purpose of Doing What Matters™ accountability follow-up sessions is three-fold:

  1. Help ensure that you actually do what you committed to doing during the VIP Intensive
  2. Be mindful of your successes, no matter how small, and celebrate them
  3. Provide clarity for next steps toward completing action items and identifying new action items

Vada got off to a rocky start with the action items that she committed to completing during her VIP Intensive. This was largely due to circumstances beyond her control. Still, by the time of her first accountability session, she had completed one action item and made progress on a second one. We discussed ways in which she could complete this second item by the next session.

For the other items, I encouraged her not to fight the situation that prevented her from addressing them. Because none of them were time sensitive, they could wait without causing undue harm.

For her second and third sessions, unforeseen circumstances prevailed again and little progress was made. Vada described herself as being “in survival mode.” We discussed simple strategies for making her down time more productive and celebrated new opportunities that presented themselves. We also talked about how she could implement a project that would fulfill a huge personal goal – that of spending more time with family.

By the time of her fourth session, Vada had completed another action item and rethought / reworked the remaining ones. Between Sessions 3 and 4, she made several business decisions about JiL Architects and Technologists – including turning down a project because she realized that it would be detrimental to her overall operation. She was pleasantly surprised when the client voluntarily reduced the scope of the project to a level that she could accept!

Best of all, she realized that she needs to make decisions on goals and projects based on her life’s PURPOSE and PASSION. Without these as a foundation, she now sees that productive action is not sustainable.

Case Studies September 16, 2015


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