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It’s Almost Over

2016 is almost over. When you think about this in terms of your business, do you feel a sense of joy? Relief? Dread?

  2016 is almost over. When you think about this in terms of your business, do you feel a sense of joy? Relief? Dread? If you’re feeling excited and joyful about the end of the year, it’s likely because you’ve accomplished great things: Maybe you’ve reached or […]

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Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

This week’s post is brief (which is perhaps good news for you!). It is inspired by an opportunity that was presented to one of my businesses – my husband’s and my travel planning service – last week. This “big break” was a chance for an international radio station […]

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Three Tips for When Disaster Strikes

  To those of you who reached out to inquire about my safety and that of my family when news broke about the terrorist attacks in Paris, THANK YOU!​ Terrorism and natural disasters are among the worst forms of disruption you can experience in life. And what […]

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Breathe easier – turn your deadlines into timelines.

There's never and unrealistic goal. There's only an unrealistic timeline. ~Francis Van Wyk

Last week, I spoke with a friend and colleague who is an executive sales director at a multi-national company. She expressed disappointment because she has not yet quit her job and moved to France to run her newly launched entrepreneurial business, despite all her carefully laid plans. […]

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Ready, Set, Let Go!

If you’re like me, you’ve been trained to believe that to be productive, you need to be active, to DO THINGS. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, right? You’ve got to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN if you’re going to have any chance of being successful. Well, this […]

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Half the Year Is Gone – What’s Next for Your Biz?

Yup – it’s that time again. We’re halfway through the year – where has the time gone? Now is the time to take stock of what’s happened in your business over the past six months and see how well you’re doing with regard to the goals and […]

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Method to the Madness for Growing Entrepreneurs

Growing and expanding your business can be stressful, frustrating, and put your days in overdrive. This is especially true when there’s nothing guiding your activities and you’re working randomly every day. To get back in the driver’s seat, identify priorities (AKA goals) in your business. Then, look […]

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Celebrating Women at MPE

March is the month that the U. S., the U. K., and Australia have chosen to celebrate women – our history; our achievements – past and present; and our aspirations for the future. As we close out the month, I want to share news of two important […]

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Is It Time for a Business Time Out?

Recently, I’ve been reflecting a lot about those women entrepreneurs I know – those who are so immersed, head-down in their business – that they have zero time for themselves. There’s zero time for self-care, and there’s certainly no time to complain about it or even reflect […]

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The Year Is Ending – What’s Next?

At the end of every year in recent memory, I look back over the course of events and think that Soooo much has happened! Time is passing more and more quickly. I’ve accomplished a lot but still am nowhere near where I want to be. It’s my […]

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