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Getting Things off Your Plate

I have spoken many times about the virtues of delegation. It’s a great way to “get things off your plate” so you can concentrate on doing what you love.

During the course of my activity as a productivity / life balance expert, I have spoken many times about the virtues of delegation. It’s a great way to “get things off your plate” so you can concentrate on doing what you love and / or need to […]

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Take Time to Make Time

    The other day, I had a conversation with a colleague who is feeling overwhelmed by summer. Her youngest child graduated from high school this year and is preparing for his first year of college. Her eldest, an out-of-state university student, is home for the summer […]

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Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

  During my recent trip to the U.S., I had the pleasure of reconnecting with one of the graduates from my first time management training course. Despite having developed Parkinson’s disease, he is at the helm of a diverse team of scientists at a national research institute […]

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Ode to a Nap

Ode to a Nap.

I find that I’m a week away from a two-week business trip and am experiencing the ever-familiar situation of having things take longer to accomplish than I think they will. I need to clear my calendar and dig in if I’m going to be ready for take-off […]

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My Worst Doubts and Fears

Last time, I promised to share Part 2 of the saga behind the Beauford Delaney: Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color exhibition and the subsequent crowdfunding campaign that I’m running to finance a video documentary about it. Beauford Delaney: Sharing a Master’s Art with the World! […]

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Starting from Zero

After my second hiatus from writing, I have re-emerged again and am back on the grid for the next phase of the Beauford Delaney: Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color exhibition: Creating a video documentary of the exhibition and its cultural and educational programming as a marketing […]

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Re-emerging – in reverse

  A few weeks ago I wrote that I was re-emerging from a three-month hiatus from writing to you because I had been focusing all my attention on the Wells International Foundation’s inaugural event. Then I wrote to say that I wondered if I had re-emerged too […]

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Follow-up: Focus, Focus, Where Should I Focus?

Last week, I promised to let you know how well I preserved mental clarity, maintained my focus, made decisions, and created and modified plans during an intense week of activities organized for the Beauford Delaney exhibition in Paris. I’m happy to say that I did quite well! […]

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Focus, focus, where should I focus?

It was only last week that I “re-emerged” from my self-imposed sabbatical to create an art exhibition. As I prepare to enter the busiest week of activity for the show, I’m wondering if I came back too soon! I have at least one major event per day […]

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Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

This week’s post is brief (which is perhaps good news for you!). It is inspired by an opportunity that was presented to one of my businesses – my husband’s and my travel planning service – last week. This “big break” was a chance for an international radio station […]

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