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Seven Tips for Staying Productive While Traveling

As the Wells International Foundation takes off, I’m having to interrupt an exceptional series of successes in organizing our first big project to fly overseas for a business trip that I scheduled long ago. Because I’m committed to keeping our positive momentum going and keeping my personal […]

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Stop the world – I want to get off!

Ever since the launch of the Wells International Foundation, I’ve been living on the edge of overwhelm. I’m completely psyched about the foundation, but every day I get clearer and clearer on the sheer enormity of what I’m doing – and it’s scary! I’m taking inspired action, […]

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Breathe easier – turn your deadlines into timelines.

There's never and unrealistic goal. There's only an unrealistic timeline. ~Francis Van Wyk

Last week, I spoke with a friend and colleague who is an executive sales director at a multi-national company. She expressed disappointment because she has not yet quit her job and moved to France to run her newly launched entrepreneurial business, despite all her carefully laid plans. […]

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Down the Rabbit Hole

I recently had “one of those days.” You know the kind… You’ve written out everything you intend to do and have everything you need to do it at your fingertips. You start out and things are humming along… And you look up hours later and find that you […]

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Five simple steps (5S) to organizing your business this summer

If you want to achieve GREATNESS, stop asking for permission. – Anonymous   I recently read an article by leadership expert Lolly Daskal on 5S, a methodology that comes from the Toyota Production System in Japan. It is based on five Japanese words, which, when transliterated into […]

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If your heart isn’t in it, say “no“!

If you want to save yourself all kinds of trouble, avoid all half-hearted commitments. – Michael Matthews How many times have you taken on a project because it seemed like the logical thing to do, even though your heart wasn’t in it? What was the result? If […]

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Who’s Leading Who In Your Biz?

Are you the bona fide leader in your entrepreneurial business? Or are circumstances leading you to do what you do every day? Three years ago this month, I interviewed Denise R. Green about the importance of leadership in a solopreneur business. I believed then, and I still believe, that women […]

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Where’s Your Stuff?

Today, I want you to think about how you organize your business. What comes to your mind when you think about organizing your work? Do you think of a tidy office? Easy-to-find files? Color-coded Post-It notes? That’s only the tip of the iceberg! Organization goes far beyond “where to […]

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Is a Poison Relationship Sucking Life From Your Biz?

Are you unfortunate enough to have a poison relationship that’s sucking life from your business? You know what I mean: The proverbial “client from hell” who is constantly asking for more than was originally agreed upon and demanding more time than expected A vendor who is becoming increasingly […]

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Half the Year Is Gone – What’s Next for Your Biz?

Yup – it’s that time again. We’re halfway through the year – where has the time gone? Now is the time to take stock of what’s happened in your business over the past six months and see how well you’re doing with regard to the goals and […]

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