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Nap time for Entrepreneurs?

Several posts ago; I spoke about entrepreneurs giving themselves a time-out in their business. Today, I am talking about taking a nap – and yes, to clarify, I’m still talking about entrepreneurs – not kindergartners! Naps are actually a valuable commodity to your business. Shuteye is the […]

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Is It Time for a Business Time Out?

Recently, I’ve been reflecting a lot about those women entrepreneurs I know – those who are so immersed, head-down in their business – that they have zero time for themselves. There’s zero time for self-care, and there’s certainly no time to complain about it or even reflect […]

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Idea Factory

Let me ask you… Do you find yourself constantly churning out new and improved ideas for your business? Several times a week, are you daydreaming thinking of how you can implement “this” and improve “that” so you can “wow” your clients? Does “the next big thing” come […]

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To Do or Not To Do

As a productivity mentor, it’s no surprise that I love to do lists. When you organize your tasks in a to do list, everything instantly seems more manageable. Because you have a clear picture of what lies in front of you. For many of us, this helps […]

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6-Figure to 7-Figure Entrepreneur Productivity Evolution – Interview with Marsha and Simon Wright

Marsha and Simon Wright were the first persons I interviewed for my 6-Figure to 7-Figure Entrepreneur Productivity Evolution article series for the Huffington Post. They’re the owners of several multi-six figure to seven-figure businesses and I’m proud to say that they are role models and mentors for […]

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Productivity for Profits – GHOA with Tina Forsyth

Welcome to the Hangout! PRODUCTIVITY FOR PROFITS with Tina Forsyth   For the free gifts and services proposed during this Hangout, look beneath the video screen!   Tina’s Systems Toolkit and Checklist – Making Productivity Easy Consultation – Tina Forsyth and I had a great […]

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