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Sleep Debt – How much do you owe?

Sleep Debt – How much do you owe?

With the horrible colds and flu that are plaguing the U.S. and Europe, I hope you’re in the best of health as you’re reading this message! I thought I might be catching something last weekend. I was on my way to a party as I noticed a […]

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Life Balance – Is it a myth?

I recently read an article on Fortune Magazine’s Web site where a woman entrepreneur running a multi-7-figure business bemoaned the absence of “work-life balance” in her life. She said she fought for it when her children were younger and never truly achieved it. Her kids are grown […]

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Good News to Share

If you’ve attended one of my workshops or life balance Webinars, you know that I am a big fan of having you celebrate things.

If you’ve attended one of my workshops or life balance Webinars, you know that I am a big fan of having you celebrate things, big or small, every day. Celebrating feels good AND it gives you a mental and physical boost – a jump start for your […]

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Do your clients think you’re trustworthy?

When you learn to work more efficiently, effectively & productively, you increase your progress, success, and the confidence & trust others have in you.

  My colleague, Leslie Shreve of Productive Day, works with corporate clients, business owners, and motivated professionals on productivity challenges. A few weeks ago, she published a brilliant post on why a lack of productivity can impact how trustworthy you appear in the eyes of others. She […]

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Focus, focus, where should I focus?

It was only last week that I “re-emerged” from my self-imposed sabbatical to create an art exhibition. As I prepare to enter the busiest week of activity for the show, I’m wondering if I came back too soon! I have at least one major event per day […]

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What a Difference a Night Makes

I am pleased and proud to report that the opening reception for the Wells International Foundation’s inaugural event was a SMASHING SUCCESS! We had a terrific turnout last Wednesday. The catering was great, my strategic partners were eloquent at the podium, and the art simply took the […]

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When in Doubt – Choose Sleep

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Last week, I talked about the importance of maintaining rituals 
to keep you on track in your business, particularly during times
of intense activity (such as a launch, bringing on a new VA or 
employee, preparing for a merger…) You may have a morning ritual or an evening […]

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If your heart isn’t in it, say “no“!

If you want to save yourself all kinds of trouble, avoid all half-hearted commitments. – Michael Matthews How many times have you taken on a project because it seemed like the logical thing to do, even though your heart wasn’t in it? What was the result? If […]

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How to Effectively Work With a Virtual Assistant When You’re a Control Freak

A while back, I wrote a blog about how I am a control freak and why I found that I needed to let that particular personality trait go – both for my personal sanity and the good of my business. When I shared that blog post, many people commented on […]

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When Is the Last Time You Spoke with An Ask-Hole?

Over the past few days, I’ve had a couple of conversations about “ask-holes.” I found this term in an article published by Entrepreneur Magazine: Three Simple Questions That Can Derail Your Reputation The pertinent questions in the article that speak to my recent conversations are: Can I […]

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