Divorce for the High-net-worth Woman

Interview with Cindy Holbrook

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Cindy Holbrook, the Compassionate Divorce Coach, is my guest for this three-part episode on divorce for the high-net-worth woman.

Part 1: Special Challenges and Patterns

In Part 1, Cindy explains why she is so passionate about helping women of all economic levels and backgrounds through divorce. She then goes on to explain some of the particular challenges that affluent women face when they go through divorce and highlights some of the patterns she observes in this segment of her clientele. She poignantly compares the death of a marriage to the death of a spouse and talks about how the death of a marriage is often much harder on a woman.

Part 2: Who’s Leaving Who?

In Part 2, Cindy discusses the frequency with which high net worth women leave their husbands as opposed to their husbands leaving them. She draws the distinction between “leaving” versus “filing” and discusses the implications of each. And she talks about the vital importance of self-care and how the lack of it hampers your ability to make good decisions about things that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Part 3: Getting Through the Holidays

In Part 3, Cindy talks about how to handle the extra stress brought on by holidays and other special days as you go through divorce. She talks about the value of being a member of meet-up groups at these special times and gives a real-life example of how one of her high-end clients turned her divorce experience around during the end-of-year holiday season.


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