Embracing Change


This week I’m in the process of having a new computer installed at the office. I’m switching back to a PC after several years of using a Mac as my desktop device. I wasn’t crazy about switching to Mac when I bought it, but I was seduced by the practically instantaneous start-up that it provided.

I never adjusted to using Mac systems and programs because I had a virtual PC installed on the computer to accommodate the software that I use for my toxicologic pathology consultancy. I only used the Mac side of the device “when necessary.”

When my IT consultant installed my Mac, he was certain that I’d never go back to a PC. He is shaking his head as he proceeds with the installation of my new Dell computer!

He has warned me that the software I’ve been using on the virtual PC is now obsolete and will not function on my new machine. So I risk having a steep learning curve with this computer, even though it’s a PC. His not-so-subtle message to me is that had I embraced the Mac and learned how to use it when I purchased it, I would have bought a new Mac and had a much easier time with this latest installation.


This inspired me to reflect on my utter resistance to change when it comes to technology. I’m an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” person and am completely uninterested in learning new technology if what I currently use serves my purpose – particularly when it costs money and time to implement. I have more important things to do.

Yet I know from experience in my prior corporate positions and from running my own businesses that strong leaders must be good at dealing with all kinds of change. And mindset is the first thing that needs to be adjusted when dealing with it. If you can learn to EMBRACE change, see the opportunities it affords, and help any team members or employees you have see this as well, you can handle the implementation phase more easily.

(Fortunately, my resistance to changes in technology doesn’t extend to other areas of my businesses!)

How do you deal with change in your business? Are you resistant to it, cautiously optimistic about it, or waiting for it with anticipation? Share your story with me in the comments below.



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