Get Quiet and Tune into Your Intuition

Get Quiet and Tune into Your Intuition

Last week I had a chat with a friend and colleague who is in a holding pattern in her professional life. She feels stuck – her current job doesn’t excite her anymore but she doesn’t know what to do next.

She is also dealing a long-term family problem that she doesn’t know how to resolve.

I told her that I believe once her family problem is resolved, her mind and heart will open up to new ideas about her professional life. I encouraged her to try to “get quiet” as often as possible – take a long, soaking bath, go for a walk – whatever she can manage to mentally remove herself from both situations and allow her intuition to guide her.

This conversation reminded me of an article that I wrote a few years ago about the value of intuition.

If you are wrestling with a challenge that you believe could benefit from a good dose of intuition, share your story with me in the comments below!

My colleague, Brigitte Van Tuijl, is a huge proponent of intuition! She has created a business-healing program for women entrepreneurs called RISE that will help you clear your inner obstacles so you are free to create remarkable results and significant shifts in your business. Check it out here.

Note that I am an affiliate for Brigitte’s program. If you purchase, I will receive a commission.


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