How to survive the gap between the old and the new

eve of a complete victory

I no longer worry about the timing of things in any aspect of my life. From the core of my being, I know that everything happens at the perfect time, even if I don’t understand why at that particular moment.

Receiving the e-mail blast below from my colleague, Brigitte Van Tuijl, is one of the latest examples of the perfect timing that manifests in my life every day. Brigitte’s message is exactly what I needed to receive as I proceed with plans to expand the Wells International Foundation’s board of directors, write grant proposals for seed money for the non-profit, move forward with taking the Beauford Delaney art exhibition to museums in the U.S. and Europe, and maximize the time WIF has with our delightful intern.

I trust you’ll find as much value in this as I did. Enjoy!


How to survive the gap between the old and the new

As I was reading through the journals I kept during the last year, I stumbled upon the entry I wrote on July 1st, 2011.
I forgot all about that day. Thankfully. It wasn’t the best of days.

Looking back, I can see that it was the breakdown before the breakthrough.

But I didn’t know that then.
I was worrying about money, the book I was writing, my business, and the direction I was going.
I knew that the work I had been doing for the past eight years was behind me.

Something new and bigger was calling me, but I didn’t know what that was just yet.

I made room for it to show up, by ending the programs and coaching I was providing at that time, and taking time during the summer to write my new book.

It was very hard at times to trust that the new phase would emerge, and that it would do so before I ran out of money, time and energy.

Maybe you recognize this gap between the old that no longer serves you, and the new that is calling you, without knowing what that new thing is just yet.
If you are, the tips I share below might help you as well:

#1 Take extremely good care of yourself

If you have any bad habits (drinking or eating too much; not sleeping enough; eating loads of sugar and fat, stuff like that), they are often triggered in times you don’t feel so good.

But when you’re in transition it is especially important to take really good care of yourself.

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, exercise, take walks in nature and get plenty of sleep.
It helps to keep your energy up. And energy is definitely what you need in this phase.

#2 Don’t step back

No matter how much you might feel tempted to go back to where you came from: don’t.

Going back to where you were might feel tempting, but it is not the answer.

The chances to step back will definitely show up! Don’t buy into it.

One of the things I did for example to make room for the new phase was to find another coach that I could refer people to who were looking for a career coach.

The moment I found this coach, out of the blue 4 people showed up who were looking for a career coach and were interested in hiring me.
Four!!! It was a loooonnggg time ago that 4 people contacted me within 1 or 2 days. A loooonnggg time.

And don’t forget: I was worrying about money at that point.

But I knew, deep down, that I shouldn’t work with them and had to refer all of them to that other coach.
And so I did.

I knew it was my fear that wanted to step back.

And I decided not to listen to it.

#3 Surrender

This is the hardest part for most people, myself included.
As long as you try to get through the gap by trying to control what is happening, it will feel like a struggle.

You cannot control it, so you might as well step aside.

I know this is REALLY hard. I am a control freak myself. I would like everything to go my way, when I want it, how I want it and because I want it.

And I would very much appreciate it if the entire universe would just do as I tell it to, thank you very much. wink emoji

But it doesn’t work that way.
If you want to make room for change and transformation, the one thing you have to do is to surrender to this process.

To get out of your own way and to allow your purpose to unfold and move through you.
To allow the universe to work through you.

Do you know these moments when you are in flow? When everything seems to just happen and come your way? The right people show up at the right time and you feel energized and fulfilled?

In these moments, the universe is working through you.

That’s why you’re in a flow. That’s why you don’t worry, and everything works out.
Surrender to your transformation. Allow your purpose and your next level to unfold.

Step aside, and let it happen…

This Week’s Transformational Action

If you recognize this gap between the old and the new, and you feel you are fighting and struggling and trying to control everything, this is the first step you can take:

Make room for your transformation, and let go of something that you deeply feel no longer serves you.

This might mean saying goodbye to a client, a habit, someone around you that is holding you back…or……

Deep down you already know what it is when you are reading this.

Let it go, and enjoy the space you have now created.
The three tips I gave earlier will help you get through the gap between the old and the new.


What helps you to move through this gap between the old and the new? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments section below!

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