Letting Go

I want to share something with you that I’ve come to realize over the past several weeks:

It’s okay to let go in your business.

Even under the best of circumstances, you can’t control everything. You can’t even control most things.

So, when things happen that are out of your control,

instead of struggling to force them to be the way you want,


A couple of days ago, I was looking forward to the first teleconference that I had set up with a volunteer expert in creating and reaching out to a data base of high-net-worth individuals who could end up being major donors or board members for my non-profit. This person came highly recommended and we had a fantastic preliminary call to establish that we did in fact want to work together on this project.

An hour before our call, the person sent e-mail to say she had reconsidered taking on the project because she had too much work on her plate at her job and couldn’t realistically take on anything else. She apologized and wished me luck with the project.

I immediately went to the platform of the social entrepreneur business through which we connected, determined to repost my project.

Then I realized that I had plenty of other things to do to get ready for a client that I was meeting for the next two days and suddenly had an extra hour in which to prepare.

In my head, I was grateful for the extra time and I started on the prep work for my client. But I still felt disappointed. And the prep wasn’t going as well as I wanted.

So, instead of forcing myself to continue, I watched a few episodes of one of my favorite old comedy sitcoms on the Internet.

After lots of snickers, chuckles, and guffaws, I felt good enough to continue working. I finished in record time!

It’s taken me a while to come around to this way of thinking and behaving. As a recovering control freak, it’s not yet a reflex – I have to remind myself that I can do this. But I’ve tried it in other situations and it has always worked. You can’t argue with results!

How good are you at letting go when things don’t unfold the way you expect / hope / plan? Share your story with me in the comments below!

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