Nap time for Entrepreneurs?

napper-250x375Several posts ago; I spoke about entrepreneurs giving themselves a time-out in their business. Today, I am talking about taking a nap – and yes, to clarify, I’m still talking about entrepreneurs – not kindergartners!

Naps are actually a valuable commodity to your business. Shuteye is the key to allowing your body to repair the damage caused by stress. In fact, napping can actually make you more productive – as your mind regains focus, you can tackle any big obstacles that meet you in your day. A short nap can also trigger creativity and inspiration.

For many women entrepreneurs, self-care takes a backseat to everything else – marketing, bookkeeping, social media, team building, growth projections… And when we’re not thinking about our business, we’re thinking about what’s going on at home – who is due for a doctor’s appointment, who has a soccer game and dance class, and how to put a healthy dinner on the table for our family. In that whirlwind, we neglect ourselves. We do this often and unconsciously. And it’s detrimental – to our personal and professional lives.

I used to think that taking naps was for lazy people; for those who didn’t have the drive to make it through the challenges of entrepreneurship. Boy, was I wrong! As a self-described morning person who loves to rise with the sun – and an entrepreneur who often has an explosion of “things to do” well into the night – one day, I had no other choice and I forced myself to take my first nap. I awoke refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle my business.

Napping is increasingly becoming accepted in the Western business world – large companies like Google and The Huffington Post Media Group are “pro-napping”. Arianna Huffington is a veritable crusader for getting enough sleep. She says:

It’s time to put to bed the idea that sleep is “nice to have”, or even nonessential for some people, recognize that it’s an “absolute need to have” – and wake up to the central role it plays in all our lives.

Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy and Thomas Edison were all “famous nappers.” If napping is good enough for them…

Take a look at yourself: How much sleep do you get every night?  Do you feel sleep deprived? Do you take naps? What would a nap do you for you?

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