Why You Need a Bullet Journal

When I began writing about productivity over five years ago, I published an article on the advantages of brain dumping.

I still swear by this invaluable tool, which I use to clear my mind of clutter. I write down all the ideas I have (I’m always certain that these are brilliant when I think of them) and the associated to-dos for safekeeping. They represent opportunities that I will evaluate at a future date.

I then move on with my day, secure in the knowledge that I won’t forget them.

There was a problem with my system, though.

I used to review my brain dumps every couple of days to every couple of weeks. But with the success of the Beauford Delaney art exhibition and the launching of the Wells International Foundation last year, “fast forward” became the new, normal pace for my life and I stopped reviewing my “dumps” regularly.

If I recorded an idea in a brain dump that dated more than a week prior to the time I wanted to retrieve it, I had to spend several minutes thumbing through my notebook to find it.

Enter the “Bullet Journal”!

A few months ago, Lizzie Lau – my FABULOUS executive assistant – and I were discussing how we are both analog people in a digital world. Lizzie asked me if I had heard of the Bullet Journal system and told me that it changed her life.

I tried it, and it changed mine too!

Basically, the Bullet Journal system allows you to keep your schedule, your “brain dumps,” and your to-dos in a single journal AND makes it easy for you to retrieve any piece of information that you need.


By having you create a paginated index for your entries as you go along.

This is such a simple and obvious solution for the frustration that I used to experience with my brain dump books that I was embarrassed I hadn’t thought of it myself!

You can record your journal in any kind of tablet or notebook that you desire – there’s no need to purchase “special equipment.” The only other thing you need to get started is a pencil or pen.

If you keep a handwritten calendar, lists, etc. and struggle with tracking your brain dumps or in organizing your schedule and to-dos in a meaningful way, I highly recommend that you have a look at the Bullet Journal system!

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