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Redefining Yourself Abroad – One Woman’s Story: Business

Interview with Yolanda Robins

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Yolanda Robins was a successful global communications executive in Philadelphia prior to making a life changing decision to leave the United States and reinvent herself abroad. Over ten years ago, she relocated to Paris, France, where she now runs her own real estate business.

In today’s interview, Yolanda talks about why she chose to settle in Paris and what she has observed regarding differences in business culture between the U.S. and France. She shares advice for women who are considering relocating to Paris and opening their own business.

Divorce for the High-net-worth Woman

Interview with Cindy Holbrook

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Cindy Holbrook, the Compassionate Divorce Coach, is my guest for this three-part episode on divorce for the high-net-worth woman.

Part 1: Special Challenges and Patterns

In Part 1, Cindy explains why she is so passionate about helping women of all economic levels and backgrounds through divorce. She then goes on to explain some of the particular challenges that affluent women face when they go through divorce and highlights some of the patterns she observes in this segment of her clientele. She poignantly compares the death of a marriage to the death of a spouse and talks about how the death of a marriage is often much harder on a woman.

Part 2: Who’s Leaving Who?

In Part 2, Cindy discusses the frequency with which high net worth women leave their husbands as opposed to their husbands leaving them. She draws the distinction between “leaving” versus “filing” and discusses the implications of each. And she talks about the vital importance of self-care and how the lack of it hampers your ability to make good decisions about things that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Part 3: Getting Through the Holidays

In Part 3, Cindy talks about how to handle the extra stress brought on by holidays and other special days as you go through divorce. She talks about the value of being a member of meet-up groups at these special times and gives a real-life example of how one of her high-end clients turned her divorce experience around during the end-of-year holiday season.

The Merger that Didn’t Happen

Interview with Bernadette Coleman

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Part 1 & Part 2

Six months ago, Bernadette Coleman, founder and CEO of Advice Interactive Group, was leading her company down the fast track to a merger that looked perfect for her company. Yet in the end, she elected not to go forward with it. In Part 1 of this interview, Bernadette talks about why the merger appeared to be such a good thing and how quickly circumstances changed to make it untenable. In Part 2, she provides details about the due diligence process and talks about the numerous opportunities that presented themselves because the merger did not go through.

Forming a non-profit organization – Myths and Methods

Interview with Sherita J. Herring


This is a continuation of last week’s interview with Sherita J. Herring, founder of Kreative Images Foundation. This week, Sherita busts several myths about non-profits and reveals the nuts and bolts of her “non-profit start-up” service. This episode will be of special interest to you if you’re in what I call the “refine” stage of business: you’ve embraced your role as CEO in your entrepreneurial enterprise and are proud of your accomplishments, you’re pleased with the revenue you’re currently generating, and you now want to devote more time to philanthropic activities.

Forming a non-profit organization – Is this really for me?

Interview with Sherita J. Herring


Sherita J. Herring, founder of Kreative Images Foundation, helps individuals find “profit for their passions” by tapping into the extensive, and often misunderstood, world of non-profit organizations. She’s a business idealist and speaker who has established more than 600 businesses, while raising over $30 million in funding. If you’ve ever considered starting a non-profit organization, however briefly, you’ll want to tune into this interview!

Art Collection for the High-Net-Worth Woman – Lifestyle and Legacy

Interview with Kathie Foley-Meyer

Part 1 & Part 2

If you’ve been wondering about the best way to begin collecting art, whether for personal pleasure, wealth building, or both, you’ll want to tune into this two-part episode! Artist and arts consultant Kathie Foley-Meyer “pulls back the curtain” on this topic, which can be daunting for those who are not artists. In Part 1, Kathie and I discuss collecting from the standpoint of lifestyle – making purchases based on your emotional connection with the pieces you encounter. In Part 2, we discuss collecting from the vantage point of legacy – creating a collection of significant financial value and determining how others can benefit from it.

Creating Leaders through Philanthropy

Interview with Sarah Kaler

Sarah Kaler says that “stepping into one’s potential as a leader is a birthright” and that “At its greatest, leadership is a lifestyle.” Find out how these beliefs have served as a springboard for her support of two extraordinary philanthropic projects in East Africa.

The Critical Importance of Self-care as a Business Leader

Interview with Sarah Kaler


Part 1 & Part 2

Sarah Kaler was a woman on the fast track to success. She rose quickly through the ranks at Lululemon Athletica and in positions such as Director of Global Retail Training and Area Director of Northern USA Operations, she led the company through a time of rapid growth in North America and international expansion. A serious health challenge forced her to change her attitude about leadership and redesign her life. In Part 1 of this episode, Sarah vividly describes the mindset that was instrumental for setting her up for crisis. In Part 2, she talks about the watershed moment when she knew she had to change, “or else,” and describes the process and the emotions that she went through to do so.

How to Be a Successful Parent Entrepreneur

Interview with Araceli Walterson


Part 1 & Part 2

In this two-part episode with Araceli Walterson, founder of The ParentEntrpreneur.com, we’re talking about how you can be the best entrepreneur you can possibly be without sacrificing being the best parent you can be. A devoted and passionate business owner, Araceli is also a devoted wife, mom, and step-mom. She bounced back from burnout from her first business and the guilt surrounding her inability to “be totally there” in her personal life to found this The Parent Entrepreneur and build a new family. She now averages working four hours a day and is helping entrepreneurs like you figure out how you can organize your business so you can have all the time you want and need to spend with your family.

Financial empowerment for the self-made, high-net-worth woman

Interview with Yulin Lee

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Part 1

Believe it or not, just because you bring home a multi-six-figure salary and have lots of material things does not mean that you are financially empowered. There is a big difference between being an “income earner” and a “wealth builder.” If you’re surprised by this, or if you’re not sure which category you fit into, tune into Part 1 of this Ultra You episode with personal finance coach Yulin Lee.

Part 2

In Part 2 of this episode, personal finance coach Yulin Lee shared some of the reasons that high-net-worth women may not actually be empowered financially and discussed the implications of this during life transition periods such as divorce of the death of a spouse. Today, she gives practical suggestions on how women can avoid these economic implications in their personal lives.

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