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Maximizing the effectiveness of your philanthropic donations – a practical, financial view

Interview with Sharon Epperson

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Part 1

This episode of Ultra You gives you a world of information about the practical aspects of giving. CNBC personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson shares her professional expertise on the financial advantages that personal philanthropic donations in the U.S. have for people in general and high net worth individuals in particular.

Part 2

Following up from last time, this episode of Ultra You provides even more information about the practical aspects of giving. CNBC personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson shares what a Donor-Advised Fund is and why such funds are a viable means of making donations and receiving tax credit in the U. S. when you are not yet sure where you want to send the funds that you’ve earmarked for charitable giving.

Busting your money myths and building a life that you love

Interview with Alecia Caine

Part 1

Get inspired by CPA Alecia Caine’s story of how she reconciled her creativity with the world of accounting that her father urged her to pursue as a career and created two unique entrepreneurial businesses! In Part 1 of this interview, learn how Alecia provides traditional financial planning and tax services for high net worth women AND helps them identify their money myths and move past them so they can focus on building the life they love.

Part 2

In Part 2 of this interview, you’ll learn more about how CPA Alecia Caine helps her clients “bust” their money myths as she talks about money archetypes and how they can help you identify unconscious attitudes and behaviors and work through them. You will also learn about the “ideal” money archetype and the attitudes and beliefs that you can expect to enjoy once you adopt it.

What you need to know right now to successfully sell your business in the future

Interview with Chia-Li Chien

Part 1

In this interview with business growth strategist Chia-Li Chien, you’ll learn the importance of planning for the sale of your business so you can have the financial means and the freedom to “start another business, participate full time in a community endeavor, or have the time to watch your children and grandchildren grow.” Chia-Li (pronounced “jolly”) also shares where to go for help in creating the proper mindset for selling your business as well as the actual plan for doing so.

Part 2

In this segment, business growth strategist Chia-Li Chien reveals shocking information about how women entrepreneurs behave when they want to leave their businesses to family members (you’ll want to listen in to see if you’re guilty of this!) and shares tips on how to successfully prepare your business for succession (sale). She also shares the three most important things that make your business valuable enough to sell successfully at the time of your choosing.

Money consciousness and transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship

Interview with Kate Beeders

Did you know that there is a distinction between wealth consciousness and money consciousness? When you tune into this episode with Kate Beeders, internationally known business coach and author of the Money Accelerator System™, you’ll find out about this subtle but important difference and be able to look at your own consciousness with new eyes! You’ll also learn about some of the difficulties that “corporate escapees” have in leaving their high powered posts to become entrepreneurs.

What leadership and “giving back” mean for women entrepreneurs

Interview with Lynn Bardowski

Part 1

This episode features Million Dollar Party Girl Lynn Bardowski. Lynn left a successful corporate career to develop a multi-million dollar direct sales business and shares her philosophy and success secrets during this two-part interview. Listen to Part 1 to learn why she believes that “having it all” is a myth and find out her definition of leadership as it applies to entrepreneurial businesses and personal life.

Part 2

In this segment, you’ll learn how Lynn volunteers in her community and why she considers it to be so important. You’ll find out how she has incorporated giving into her business activities and how her children have followed her lead to become active philanthropically as well. Finally, you’ll learn what Lynn does to nurture her body, mind, and spirit to support and sustain herself as the best person she can be.

You have the power to give back!

Interview with Sandra Yancey

Part 1

If you are active (or are thinking about becoming active) philanthropically, then you want to tune into this interview with eWomenNetwork founder and CEO, Sandra Yancey. Sandra talks about the work that her not-for-profit eWomenNetwork foundation does for “backyard” non-profits in North America. She also talks about the personal empowerment that comes from giving and the legacy of philanthropy that she has passed on to her children.

Part 2

Are you wondering how someone at the helm of a multi-million dollar business can achieve work/life balance? Find out how eWomenNetwork founder and CEO Sandra Yancey does just that! During our chat, Sandra talks about the importance of gratitude and abundance in her life, how she takes time for self care, and how she makes giving an integral part of her personal and professional life.

How you can create a lifestyle and legacy to enjoy and be proud of

Interview with Christine Brown Quinn

Part 1

Are you a corporate executive woman who believes work/life balance is a myth? Then join me as I interview Christine Brown-Quinn, strategic consultant for aspiring women corporate executives. Christine talks about how, as she approaches the age of 55, she is refining her business into one that supports her vision of her ideal personal life. She’s made a career of busting the myth that work/life balance can’t exist for corporate executives and shares personal and professional experiences that demonstrate this.

Part 2

Join us as strategic consultant Christine Brown-Quinn talks about the frustration that corporate women executives experience when they feel that their contributions are not creating enough impact in their work environment. If you feel this way, then you’ll want to hear Christine explain that these contributions can be considered part of your professional legacy and that your disappointment in this area can affect your perception of your work/life balance. Christine also shares her thoughts about her own professional and personal legacies, and how leadership plays a critical role for everyone in building their legacies – at work and at home.

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