The Power of Words – A Visualization Exercise

One of my colleagues – Jeanna Gabellini – recently published a newsletter about the power of words and how you can attach a different meaning to words.

One of my colleagues – Jeanna Gabellini – recently published a newsletter about using words to empower yourself. She noted that words, in and of themselves, are “simply words.” They are neutral. It is the meaning that we attach to them that makes them powerful.

Thoughts of commitment and planning are likely on your mind today as you contemplate beginning the New Year.

What meaning do you attach to the word “commitment”? Does it make you think of being trapped or chained down? Does it provoke a feeling of anxiety?

What about the word “planning”? Does it signify “drudgery”? Does it give you a sinking feeling inside?

If this is the case, you’re not alone! Planning and commitment can often seem overwhelming just after the holidays.

Let’s look at how you can attach a different meaning to these words.

Start with a fantasy. Think of “commitment” as a promise to yourself to obtain something you desire. (You don’t need to identify your desire at this stage.) Your commitment is driven by fiery passion and the act of achieving your desire inspires pure excitement in you. When you accomplish this, you experience boundless joy!

Think of “planning” as laying a golden pavement that leads you to what you want. And with the laying of each new paving stone, you get to stop and enjoy a reward!

Use your imagination and see yourself outdoors on a beautiful day, looking into the distance where your desire lies. Feel the warmth of the sun as you lay the paving stones that get you closer and closer to that desire each day.

See yourself skipping or dancing over the stones to your favorite music as you make your way toward your desire. Imagine reward stations along the path that provide all kinds of objects and opportunities that make you smile.

Next, put something you can identify at the end of that golden pavement. It doesn’t have to be a physical thing. It’s something that you long for and will relish once you obtain it. Visualize it clearly and notice how it becomes easier and easier to see as you continue to lay your golden paving stones.

Fire up this vision and notice how it makes you feel.

When you can bring this vision to mind at will and experience the excitement, warmth, and sheer pleasure of building the road to what you desire, you’ll be well on your way to replacing the negative meanings that you associate with commitment and planning with positive ones.

You’ll begin to equate commitment with excitement and planning with rewards. The new meanings for these words will become real for you!

Give this a try and share your results with me in the comments below.

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