Seven Tips for Staying Productive While Traveling

As the Wells International Foundation takes off, I’m having to interrupt an exceptional series of successes in organizing our first big project to fly overseas for a business trip that I scheduled long ago.

Because I’m committed to keeping our positive momentum going and keeping my personal energy high as well, I’m pulling out my list of productivity tips for travel and following them.

I’m pleased to share them below:

1)   Plan activities in advance

Spontaneity is “death” when you travel on business! There are meetings to attend, facilities to visit, presentations to give, lunches and dinners to enjoy…

You want to be certain that you allow enough time to get to your destination and figure out the best way to get there. You also want to be sure that you bring everything you
need for these activities.

2)   Rev up your systems

Systems keep your business running smoothly, and even keep parts of your business on autopilot. They’ll likely be tested if you’re going to be away for more than a couple
of days.

If you’re in the process of creating a system for a task that needs to be performed while you are away, be certain that those involved are fully competent and confident in doing things “the old way.”

Better yet, try to organize things so the task is performed when you return.

As an example, I’m on the verge of finishing the transfer of all of my mailing lists to a new e-mail service provider. For the last three lists, I’ve decided to postpone the testing of the new service until after I return.

3)   Communicate with everyone who needs to know you’ll be out of the office

Even in this day and age of perpetual availability through mobile devices, there are some things that you literally won’t be able to do while you’re on the road. Letting people know that you’ll be away relieves you of the stress of receiving requests that you won’t be able to fulfill.

4)   Pack in advance and use a list

When you use a list to guide your packing, you’re much less likely to forget something. When you pack in advance, you have time to remember that you left something off your list!

5)   Build in down time

When traveling someplace that takes more than 7-8 hours to reach, plan to arrive a day before your business activities are scheduled to begin. This gives you time to recharge and also provides “wiggle room” in case your flight or train is delayed.

6)   Take power naps

Sometimes there will be gaps between scheduled activities in your business day. If you’re able to go back to your hotel during these periods, consider taking a nap instead of working.

7)   Maintain your daily centering rituals as much as possible

If you exercise, meditate, or journal, make time for this every day – even if the time you spend doing it is less than normal.

If you have trouble sleeping in a bed other than your own, you may even want to create a ritual specifically for bedtime – something like sprinkling scented oil on your bedclothes or listening to a soothing recording before “lights out.”

If you travel frequently for business, especially overseas, write to me at and share how well (or poorly) you maintain productivity on your trips.

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