Re-emerging – in reverse

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A few weeks ago I wrote that I was re-emerging from a three-month hiatus from writing to you because I had been focusing all my attention on the Wells International Foundation’s inaugural event.

Then I wrote to say that I wondered if I had re-emerged too soon because of the intensity of the activities that were incorporated into the event.

Well, the exhibition closed last week and it was an


And I finally have a chance to breathe and enjoy it!


I also feel my body saying that it’s time to STOP and recuperate before I begin the next phase of this adventure, which is investigating having the exhibition travel to the U.S. and to other countries in Europe.

So I am “re-emerging” in reverse and giving myself at least two weeks to rest, rejuvenate, and reorganize.

I’m thinking of this time as a well deserved spring break and I hope you’ll wish me well as I take it. Maybe you’ll even decide to follow my example and take some time off yourself!

Look for a new message from me in April. In the meantime, remember that time is precious!

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