Are You Ready to Redefine Success?

Ultra You collage_Sylvie di Giusto
Today, and perhaps for the next few weeks, I’m changing the format of the podcast to bring you some of my thoughts and plans about where Ultra You is going from here.

When I launched Ultra You, I had a specific audience in mind – an audience of compassionate, high-achieving women who want to redefine their success. I’ve had a great year on the podcast, with 55 episodes broadcast to date. I’ve brought you experts on topics as varied as the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation, how to manage a merger for your entrepreneurial business, and what “giving back” philanthropically can mean to you in terms of lifestyle, legacy, and leading by example.

Now, I need to turn my attention to seeking funding for my non-profit organization, the Wells International Foundation (WIF), with the intent to fully implement projects in all six of our strategic focus areas. One of these areas is an exclusive community for you as a member of the specific audience that I describe above. Tune in to learn more about this group and see whether you want to become a part of it!


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