Redefining Yourself Abroad – One Woman’s Story: Lifestyle

Interview with Yolanda Robins

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Yolanda Robins was a successful global communications executive in Philadelphia prior to making a life changing decision to leave the United States and reinvent herself abroad. Over ten years ago, she relocated to Paris, France, where she now runs her own real estate business.

In this two-part episode, we explore her lifestyle in Paris.

Part 1:

In Part 1 of this interview, Yolanda talks about how her lifestyle changed when she settled in Paris. She speaks frankly and openly about the cost of living in the City of Light, how her dining habits have changed, and what the dating scene is like for high-achieving single and divorced women!

Part 2:

In Part 2, Yolanda shares her thoughts about the importance of citizenship in your adopted country and talks more about what she loves about Paris. She gives valuable advice about what you should do to prepare when you decide to move abroad.


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