Routine Revisited – Just in Time for the Holidays

Systems are formalized routines for your business

I hope you’re full of anticipation for the upcoming holiday season and feeling minimal anxiety over the end-of-year pressures that face all entrepreneurs.


Last year this time, I wrote about the pluses and minuses of creating routine in your business – and I gave more attention to the minuses. Today, I want to focus on the pluses.

At holiday time, routine can be a HUGE blessing! There’s so much going on – personally and professionally – that it pays to have as many things in your business on autopilot as possible!

Systems are formalized routines for your business. Consider them to be no less than saviors – especially during the holidays. If you have good ones, I’m sure you’ve already noticed that they help you do things more quickly, and in the case of revenue-generating activities, more profitably. They help keep things running smoothly because they allow you, your staff, or your VA to do things consistently over time.

If your systems are not so good, or if you don’t have enough of them, you likely experience struggle and hardship. But when they work well, they can give you a feeling of well-being, inspiration, and power.

These three attributes spell FREEDOM for you! There’s no greater gift that can your business give you!

How well are you using systems in your business? Do you have as many as you need? Are you unsure of how to set them up? Share your story with me in the comments below. If necessary, we’ll see if you can benefit from some laser mentoring so you can lighten your load for the end of 2016.

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