Eboni NiCole Graham_Monique at the podiumDr. Monique Y. Wells is a productivity mentor who is committed to helping passionate, high-achieving, service-based women solopreneurs and small business owners earning six figures or more in revenue clarify their daily work objectives and simplify their work day so that they can find peace through productivity.

She works with her clients to review and refine their businesses so that they can enjoy less stress, more income, greater satisfaction from their work, and more time to spend with family and friends – guilt-free! Known as the Paris Muse of Productivity™, her ultimate goal is to empower her clients to build businesses that support their lifestyle goals and fulfill their desire to make a lasting contribution to the world.

Monique’s unique background brings together her innate genius for prioritizing, organizing, decision making, and focusing on the task at hand with the sharp observation skills, listening skills, and empathy that she developed a veterinarian and a pathologist. As a native Houstonian and a resident of Paris, France since 1992, she has developed cross-cultural skills that enhance her ability to detect subtle cues in language and tone that reveal attitudes and challenges her clients are sometimes unaware of. This diverse and cohesive combination gives her an uncanny ability to guide her clients to discover the clarity they need to transform their businesses.

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A seasoned speaker, Monique has presented lectures and workshops on productivity and other topics in various formats across the globe. She lectures on the stage, conducts live workshops and training sessions, and delivers content via digital video conferences, Webinars, and teleconferences and telesummits as well. She has shared her content with audiences in India, China, 13 countries in Africa, and five countries in Europe in addition to numerous cities in the United States. She presents clearly and concisely, with a relaxed and open style that draws in her audiences.


American Chamber of Commerce in FranceParis, France
Parler ParisParis, France
American EmbassyParis, France
Powerful Women InternationalSan Francisco, California, USA
Executive Moms, Bryan Cave LLCParis, France
Powerful Women InternationalHouston, Texas, USA
Pam’s Paris: Live, Learn, Love SeriesParis, France
Powerful Women InternationalHouston, Texas, USA
Women’s International ClubParis, France
European Union Management AssistantsValencia, Spain
International Women’s Day CelebrationSan Francisco, California, USA
IIBAT International SymposiumChennai, India
PikuMalmö, Sweden
The Entrepreneur Club, Professional Women’s NetworkParis, France


> Her style lends itself to direct, productive communication with course attendees, while at the same time being relaxed enough to invite their participation.

> …engaging and detailed presentation

> The audience was impressed by not only what she said, but also the passionate way in which she said it.

> …provided the audience with practical solutions and approaches to the solution of problems

> Many of our guests spoke of the energy and connection she shared and transmitted to the audience…

> …a clear communicator who speaks with personal authority

> …her ability to pose thoughtful questions and to easily elicit each participant’s response was excellent.

> …she inspires confidence

> Monique commands this topic and conveys it with a passion that’s infectious!

> …the response to her presentation was overwhelmingly positive


Signature Talk: Keys to Mastering a Well-rounded Life

If your solopreneur or small business is not supporting the lifestyle that you want and deserve – especially if you are generating $100K or above in revenue – it may be that you’ve structured your business without taking into account everything else that’s important in your life.

Too many entrepreneurs fail to take their desired lifestyle (family time, travel, humanitarian efforts…) into account when they set up their businesses. They concentrate so intently on what they want to do in their businesses – how they want to serve their customers and everything it takes to find them – that they lose sight of the fact that one of the major functions of the business is to support their households. Earning larger and larger sums of money often complicates rather than simplifies things under these circumstances.

Keys to Mastering a Well-rounded Life presents a new and transformative approach to work/life balance and the question of whether or not it can be achieved. It provides a simple exercise that your audience can use to assess life’s priorities and goes on to introduce the three most common causes of overwhelm:

  • poor prioritization
  • overcommitment
  • poor delegation

along with simple and effective ways to overcome them.

The small shift in mindset that this talk presents about work/life balance will change the lives of your audience!

Participants will leave this 1-hour seminar with a simple system for (re)evaluating the importance of each element of their current and desired lifestyles and the tools to conquer overwhelm in their businesses.

Other presentation topics:

  • Manifesting Your Purpose through Productivity
  • How to Make Time to Fix Your Overwhelm
  • Your New Year’s Evolution
  • Make Time Your Ally

Signature Workshop: Finding Peace through Productivity

Many people associate being productive with working hard and being stressed out. They can’t imagine that productivity can actually lead to a feeling of peace!

Participants in the Finding Peace through Productivity workshop learn that being productive can be easy and even fun! With the three simple exercises that unfold over the course of less than three hours, they develop a business “GPS” that will unfailingly guide them to take the most appropriate actions to move a specific project forward.

Exercise 1. Business goals – confirm / reconfirm your business goals to ensure that your current projects are in alignment

Exercise 2. Planning – create an implementation plan to get “unstuck” on a single, important project

Exercise 3. Speed mastermind – benefit from unbiased feedback on your plan so that you can revise and refine it on the spot

The end result – each participant creates a bona fide plan and identifies a single concrete step that she commits to implement within 24-48 hours so that she can immediately make progress on her most pressing business challenge (finding more clients, moving ahead with a launch, developing a product, establishing a joint venture partnership…).

Because this decision is taken after a combination of careful personal consideration and masterminding, each participant has peace of mind about what to do next to reach her most important goal.

As a bonus, each participant leaves the workshop with a system that she can use again and again to keep her daily activities on track as she continues to grow her business.

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Hi. I’m Monique, the founder of Making Productivity Easy. I help business owners find peace through productivity by taming their runaway businesses so they can once again enjoy the empires they’ve created. Let’s connect: Check out my full bio, schedule a Discovery Session or join the community on Facebook.


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