Starting from Zero

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After my second hiatus from writing, I have re-emerged again and am back on the grid for the next phase of the Beauford Delaney: Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color exhibition:

Creating a video documentary of the exhibition and its cultural and educational programming as a marketing tool to encourage U.S. and European museums to host the show.

To fund the video, I’ve organized an

“all or nothing” crowdfunding campaign

on Kickstarter that launched a few days ago!

Beauford Delaney: Sharing a Master’s Art with the World!

Before I ask you to go to the page and pledge your support, I want to give you a bit of the back story about the exhibition.

Starting from zero

If you’ve ever heard the expression “Thoughts turn to things,” then you have the gist of how the exhibition materialized.

In 2013, I started from zero – I had no artworks, no venue, and certainly no art education or expertise.

I only had a thought, which was to honor the painter to whom I have become so devoted over the years with an exhibition in his last city of residence – Paris.

The thought became an idea. I knew of a few people in Paris who own pieces of Beauford’s art. Why not put together a show at the Paris Museum of Modern Art?

If there’s anything I know, it’s what I don’t know!

So I asked a colleague who is thoroughly versed in the world of art and art exhibitions for advice on this idea. She gently explained that it was sheer folly for me to approach any museum and she listed the reasons why.

I accepted this advice, but it fueled my passion for doing the exhibition. There had to be another way.

“Why not a gallery?” I thought. I chatted with a friend, who is also an artist, and he suggested a possible venue. He made an appointment for us to see it together.

A friend of this friend, an avid art collector whom I also happen to know, came to the meeting as well. Upon leaving, she announced that Beauford’s work was too important to be consigned to a small gallery showing.

“Why not have the exhibition at UNESCO?” she said. “I know people there.”

Undaunted and persevering

I don’t know of anything more bureaucratic than governments and NGOs, but I decided that I had nothing to lose by looking into UNESCO as a possible venue. I immediately went back to the colleague who advised me to forget about approaching museums.

She thought UNESCO could be a reasonable solution, but she cautioned me not to try to do something too big. Again, she cited the reasons why.

She also gave me another alternative, which she thought would be even more “doable” – she suggested that I contact a professor at Columbia University, who was curating an exhibition at the university’s facility in Paris.

After investigating UNESCO via the U.S. Ambassador’s office and finding that no space was available during my desired time frame, I contacted the professor.

A couple of weeks later, over lunch with him and the administrative director at the Paris facility, we determined that we’d schedule the Beauford Delaney exhibition for February 2016.

A force to be reckoned with

I now had a year to pull the show together.

I was told that this time frame was quite ambitious. But I was a force to be reckoned with! Once we got the green light from Columbia, I wasn’t going to let anything prevent the exhibition from happening – from becoming a “thing.”

Not even the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris…


Watch this space for Part 2 of the exhibition saga – coming soon!

And go to the Kickstarter page for the exhibition video documentary right now and give:

Beauford Delaney: Sharing a Master’s Art with the World!

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