Take Massive Action – One Baby Step at a Time

Take Massive Action – One Baby Step at a Time

Last time I wrote to you about getting quiet and tapping into your intuition to allow the answers to questions or challenges to “bubble up” from inside.

I spent a couple of hours in this mode last Sunday evening.  I did some visualization exercises and journaled and things began to “pop.”  I was greatly inspired and wrote down several ideas for moving forward with a project that I’ve been nudging along slowly for a couple of years now.

Content with my progress, I slept soundly.

On Monday, I looked at the list of to-dos that I created the night before.  There were loads of them but I breezed through all of them effortlessly.

I made so much progress early on that I allowed myself the luxury of attending a wine tasting event in the middle of the afternoon!

The reason I could do so is because each to-do was small – a baby step on the path to my goal.

If you have difficulty getting through your to-dos every day, it may be because you’re making many or most of them too big – so big that they seem impossible to achieve.

For example, if you’re planning an event, you may block off an hour on your calendar and put “plan event” on your to-do list for that hour.  This is a gigantic to-do for a single hour!

If you put down something like “create short list of possible venues” or “research caterers” instead, you’re much more likely to make progress because your task is smaller and better defined.

You can make these to-dos even smaller – instead of “research caterers,” you can “make a list of full-service caterers in the downtown area of your city.”  Once that’s done, you can create another to-do for the following day – something like “contact first three caterers on list to inquire about the menu they can provide for my budget.”

Get the idea?

Small, well-defined tasks make to-dos manageable and more quickly achievable.  And when you get a rhythm going, the momentum of each “little” success will carry you forward.

Soon, you’ll find that you’ve taken massive action while having expended relatively little effort!

Do you have difficulty breaking your projects down into doable tasks? Share your experience in the comments below.

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