Three Tips for When Disaster Strikes

MPE blog 3 tips for when disaster strikes


To those of you who reached out to inquire about my safety

and that of my family when news broke about the terrorist attacks in Paris,


Terrorism and natural disasters are among the worst forms of disruption you can experience in life. And what holds true for life in general also holds true for your business.

But a disaster doesn’t need to be of the magnitude of a terrorist attack or a tornado or earthquake to wreak havoc upon your business. It can be a broken pipe in your office, a sick VA, or a computer crash.

The question of the day is:

What are you prepared to do to maintain productivity in the face of one of these “mini-disasters”?

Here are three tips to help you manage:

Deal with physical emergencies first

It’s obvious, but still worth stating:

In the case of a physical emergency, do what you are able to do safely to stabilize the situation (quench a small fire, turn off the water if there’s a broken pipe, apply pressure and bandage a cut…).

Make sure everyone in the vicinity is safe.

Call for professional help if required.

Assess the situation and its consequences

Is there physical damage to things that you need to use for your work today? Tomorrow? Next week?

If someone is ill, how will that impact your workflow for the next several days, weeks, or months?

If your computer system malfunctions, what are your options for continuing work in the short term while recuperating files and programs?

Communicate with your clients, employees / virtual assistants, consultants, and colleagues

As soon as possible, communicate with those who will be affected by the consequences of the disaster. Let people know what you’re going to need to reschedule in terms of delivery dates, meetings, site visits, etc. – even if you can’t say WHEN you’ll reschedule.

Preserving relationships and maintaining integrity are the most important things you can do under these circumstances!

After these things are done, you can get down to the business of recuperating, reconstructing, and rescheduling. Having a robust series of systems to rely on will be a godsend under these circumstances.

Have you experienced a mini-disaster in your business? How did you handle it? Write to me at and share your story!

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