Why Productivity?

Be productive today…

Work smarter, not harder…

Getting things done…

These are all positive philosophies, but what do they really mean for you and your business?

My definition of productivity is


And what matters in your business is likely going to be very different than what matters for your competitors and your colleagues.

Sure – we all want to serve our clients well and we all want to earn a good living. But what REALLY matters is what drives you to do these things – it’s all about your purpose or your “BIG WHY.” This is the foundation of MAKING PRODUCTIVITY EASY in your business.

There is no productivity without purpose. No matter how well you do things or how quickly, if those things don’t align with or contribute to fulfilling your “BIG WHY,” then you are NOT being productive. Just by eliminating all the tasks and projects that don’t serve your “BIG WHY,” you’ll increase your productivity several fold!

So I invite you to take a walk with me down the path to productivity for your business. I promise you that you’ll transform it into a business that is in balance and in alignment with who you are, who you serve, and everything that is important in the rest of your life!

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Hi. I’m Monique, the founder of Making Productivity Easy. I help business owners find peace through productivity by taming their runaway businesses so they can once again enjoy the empires they’ve created. Let’s connect: Check out my full bio, schedule a Discovery Session or join the community on Facebook.


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